New Year`s Eve at RIN Grand Hotel


New Year`s Eve at RIN Grand Hotel

Christmas (Mass of Christ) started in the 2nd of 3rd century AD as a feast celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth, although Christ was born in March. The date of December 25 was chosen to coincide with the pagan Roman celebrations honoring the harvest god, Saturnus and a form of sun worship, Mithras. These events happened on or immediately after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. They announced that winter will not last forever, that life continues and it was also an invitation to be in a good spirit.

Christmas as we all know it became so popular only in the 19th century and it’s a time for the family and friends to gather and have a great time, filled with love and joy. The concept of peace and joy during Christmas period comes from the pagan believe that mistletoe has magical powers. When enemies met under mistletoe they had to call truce until the next day. In Finland and Sweden there is a law that says that the 12 days of Christmas are a time of civil peace.

Nowadays, Christmas is not only a family and friends period, but also a reason to celebrate and have fun! Everybody is caught in the fever of gifts searching for the perfect surprise. And because we are living modern times, we don’t want to spend our time cooking and preparing our houses for parties. We just want to have a great time, enjoying the Christmas. That is why we look for a Christmas package that includes accommodation and a festive dinner.

Event planners are preparing surprises for their guests. Romanians prefer as Christmas destinations Brasov and Prahova, but also Maramures and Bucovina. Still who loves glamour and glitters, will stay in Bucharest at one of the most exclusivist parties taking place in hotels, restaurants or clubs.
Regardless where you decide to celebrate the Christmas this year, remember to take your friends and family with you and have a blast!